Vinyl Flooring
  • Colorex EC Plus Anti-Static Flooring

    Colorex EC Plus is an advanced technical flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such as clean rooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry...

  • Flood Resilient Flooring for Commercial, Industrial and Residential use

    In the event of a flood, Ecotiles can be easily taken up and then re-laid, giving occupiers of buildings in flood-prone areas peace of mind that next time they are battling the elements...

  • NEW - Ecotile Safety mats and runners
    Browse our new range of flooring products, safety mats and runners to complement our existing tiles. Hardwearing. Non-slip. Impact resistant. Long Life. Anti-Static option...

  • Garage flooring

    Ecotile's standard interlocking floor tiles, manufactured from hard wearing PVC, are suitable for use with engine hoists, car jacks and won't be affected by fuel or brake fluid spills.

  • Commercial & Showroom flooring

    Stylish, hardwearing and easy installation means no downtime!

  • Industry flooring

    Able to withstand hard knocks and even forklift traffic! Safe, easy-clean and non-slip...

Ecotile - a world leader in environmentally sound industrial and commercial flooring products
Ecotile is an attractive and hard-wearing interlocking floor tile suitable for a variety of applications including commercial, industrial, residential, recreational and flood prone areas.
Available in eight colours and two surface textures, Ecotile will create a smart low maintenance anti-corrosive floor finish which has a significantly longer life span than traditional vinyl or carpet.

Ecotile is simple to install without the need for gluing. And provided the surface on which the tiles are to be laid is sound - there's usually little time or money spent in preparation.

Manufactured from up to 100%* recycled PVC, Ecotile is a responsible choice when considering flooring options.

If you'd like to speak to a sales representative, or require further info, please contact via email or phone toll free on 1300 137 502.


Has a smart industrial look with an extremely durable anti slip surface. The flooring is...
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Features a stylish textured finish with a unique hidden interlocking join. The tiles...
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Garage Flooring

Provides a smart, low maintenance and extremely tough garage floor...
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ESD Anti-Static - Colorex EC Plus

View our stylish Colorex EC Plus anti-static flooring...
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Eco Playground

Soft fall flooring ideal for playgrounds, gyms, studios - anywhere a safe & forgiving floor is required...
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Eco Cable Access

Wires and cables become invisible with this clever, easy install flooring option suitable for many environments...
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Ecotile Standard

Multi-purpose, strong, hardwearing and stylish. Eight colours, two textures...
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Eco Decoloc

High durability, multiple applications. 5mm thick 100% recycled material...
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Eco Gym

A rubber flooring system designed specifically for gym and training studios...
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Eco Image Floor Tiles

Create a striking floor to showcase your logo, products, favourite footy team etc. Design a masterpiece...
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Downloads / Resources / Request Product Samples

Download product brochures, installation instructions, technical and environmental specifications and more. Request product samples via our contacts page

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What our clients are saying...

... Ecotile has been the answer to the prayers of our site maintenance team, and they have used the tiles to improve a number of buildings in variety of areas across our mine site. We have found the product to be easy to work with, tough, durable and most importantly removable ...
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