Ecotile Garage & Showroom Flooring - stylish, hardwearing and cost-effective

Ecotile interlocking floor tiles will provide a smart, low maintenance and extremely tough garage, showroom or workshop floor .

The tiles are manufactured from hard wearing PVC and are suitable for use with engine hoists, car jacks and wont be affected by fuel or brake fluid spills.

The tiles will eliminate the need to regularly repaint the garage floor, significantly reduce dust, create a better work surface and help to insulate the garage or workshop from the cold and damp.

Ecotile flooring is quick and simple to install and does not need gluing allowing you to take the tiles with you if you move.

Key Benefits:

Garage Flooring A smart and hardwearing floor finish
Garage Floor Tiles Available from stock in eight standard colours
 Dry laid, quick & simple to install
 Helps reduce dust plus insulates from cold & damp
 Ideal for old, uneven and oil contaminated substrates
 No specialist installation skills required
 Easy to clean & maintain
 Flexible design - mix and match colours
 Good anti-slip surface
 Reduces damage to dropped tools & equipment
 Protects the existing floor from damage
 Will not lift, curl or bubble
 Lower lifetime cost than paint or vinyl
 Manufactured from hard wearing PVC compound

 Home gyms
 Out buildings
 Basements & cellars

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Available Surface Textures:
 Raised disk

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Rubber Tyre Stains on Ecotile Garage Flooring

Rubber tyres will stain almost every type of flooring including raw concrete, painted and vinyl surfaces. This applies equally to ecotiles, but there are ways to minimise the risk.

The stain is a chemical reaction and will not damage your tiles or affect their durability.

What causes the staining?
The stain is caused by a component used within the manufacture or car tyres called '6PPD' (phenaline diamine). 6PPD is an anti-oxidant and is added to rubber products to resist environmental attack by Ozone and Ultraviolet light.

It also has other beneficial effects in the molding of rubber itself.

Since it adds to the cost of making tyres, manufacturers usually only add it to the softer high performance tyres.

The staining is dark grey / green in appearance and will show within 4 to 5 hours of the tyre being located on the tile. The stain can not be removed as it is a chemical reaction between the 6PPD and the surface with which it is in contact.

How to overcome the issue:
Because the stain in a dark grey/green it is far less obvious in the darker colours and is almost indistinguishable from the colour of our Dark Grey / Anthracite Tile. It is also less obvious in the black and green colours.

Light grey, yellow, white, and red should be avoided where tyres rest for extended periods.

If you'd like to use lighter coloured tiles to brighten up your garage, design the floor creatively using dark colours where the car will be parked and lighter colours elsewhere (see suggested layouts at right).

A few tips:

Cover the area under the vehicles with Black tiles
Place strips of Black tiles where the tyres will rest;
Add Black under the engine where oil may drip.

Available direct from Ecotile Australia Ph. 1300 137 502 or email us by clicking here.

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